Glenn Greenwald Thinks “Owning the Libs” is Important Journalism

People on the far left hate it, absolutely hate it, if you point how much they are like the right, but you would be hard pressed to tell the difference quite often. Here was far left journalist Glenn Greenwald a few weeks ago on Twitter:

Given that “libs” are a huge power center in every sector of American life – politics, culture, academia, finance – “owning” them is an important form of journalism.

“Owning the libs” seems like an accurate description of what the Republican Party stands for today, not something you should hear from a journalist.

If you check on his Twitter account, things get stranger than that, like him responding to a random person on Twitter with this in November:

The same way you can square this tweet with your admiration of Adolf Hitler.

The Hitler thing is a recurring feature, as here he was five days before that tweet again responding to a random person:

Jane has pictures of Hitler on her wall and recites Mein Kampf approvingly. No need to worry about her judgments.

There are plenty more instances of him bringing up Hitler like that, if for some reason you were interested in that.

Here was another response to another random person from just weeks ago:

Big bad red rose Socialist standing up to defend the Democratic Party and tech monopolies censoring the internet for our own good. Little boot licker cheering for institutional authority over speech.

You sit the fuck down, and bang your head while you’re at it.

I’m sure there is a lot more like all that, but about all I can take of Glenn Greenwald’s tweeting is what I see pointed out by centrist Twitter capo Wilson Valdez.

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